The 'A Closet Without Doors' collection is about women who are pushing the boundaries of traditional taboos and breaking down barriers for women's rights.
Over the course of 2016/17 I conducted 8 photoshoots using pole dancers, a burlesque performer, a dominatrix and a Japanese aerial fore performer with full body tattoos. From hundreds of images I created this thought provoking collection.
The title 'A Closet Without Doors' is an acknowledgement that while these amazing people are pushing boundaries of what's expected in society, there's still a lot more that needs to be done. The doors have been removed, but many still can't make their way out of the closet.
Featuring Sukki Singapora, Miss Bliss, Rachel Tolsman, Sandar Kyi & Yusura
A Closet Without Doors ft. Miss Bliss
Stellar ft Sukki Singapora
Cameo ft Rachel Tolsman
Yusura Owl ft Yusura
Throwing Stars ft Sandar Kyi
Bamboo ft. Sandar Kyi
Pom Poms ft Sukki Singapora
Raw Materials

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