The Bends was my first collection of this project and was born out of a photoshoot in 2012. 
I'd experimented with repeating patterns before, but they never really flowed. The images I took of Chetana, Lisa, Reuben and Amadis were so angular and their body positions had so much flexibility that I very quickly fell in love with using bendy humans to create graphic images.
Aquamusical ft. Chetana Thornton (POA)
Iznik ft. Reuben Kuan (POA)
Tiger Field ft. Lisa Lottie (POA)
Superstition ft. Chetana Thornton (POA)
Polka Dot ft Lisa Lottie, Reuben Kuan & Amadis (POA)
Water Drop ft Reuben Kuan & Amadis (POA)
Engrenages ft Reuben Kuan (POA)
Latex Carousel ft. Lisa lottie (POA)

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